Quality Control: A Distefano promise

Reliable quality should be an important consideration when choosing a manufacturer. That’s why Distefano Technology & Manufacturing holds its products to the highest quality standards.

Since May 2002, we’ve maintained certification with ISO 9001, because we understand the precision of our parts and the effectiveness of our process must be upheld in order for Distefano to remain an industry leader.

What does ISO 9001 mean for the quality of your product?

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Distefano has implemented quality management system requirements for all areas of our production:

  • Facilities
  • Workers
  • Training
  • Services
  • Equipment

At Distefano, we’re proud of our success in following the rigorous standards established in our ISO procedures. More importantly, we constantly strive for perfection by continuously listening to the feedback of our customers. Achieving ISO 9001 standards is the first step in the process of continual improvement that allows Distefano to provide the necessary management tools to improve working practices throughout our entire operation.

We constantly challenge ourselves to exceed expectations and strive for continuous improvement to deliver remarkable results and stay on the leading edge of manufacturing.

If you’re looking for a dedicated manufacturing partner with reliable quality you can count on to keep your organization moving forward, look no further than Distefano.

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