Distefano’s laser cut creations bring designs to life in steel

Laser cutting, with deep penetrating welds and a superior finish set Distefano’s seating, trash receptacles and portable greenery planters apart from the competition.

Distefano can incorporate intricate designs and logos into its custom-built metal works to take your outdoor space from functional to aesthetically breathtaking. It’s a given that all of our steel works are solid, stable and high quality, but with precision laser cutting we can also bring your intricate designs to life. DTM Site Scapes still offers a wide selection of standard seating, but we excel at customization.

With our precision laser cutters the possibilities are nearly endless. If you can conceive it, chances are we can make it a reality. We can manufacture tree grates, signage or custom railing with our laser cut creations.

Our door railings are custom cut and can be finished to just about any color. Need the color of tree grates matched to your the color of your company’s logo? With powder coating we can match any color. Want a more permanent solution? Then these can be galvanized for years of enjoyment.

If your company is in need of outdoor metal works, don’t let the opportunity to communicate your brand to visitors or those passing by be lost. Distefano is happy to work with your ideas. Send us your ideas, whether it’s an entrance sign or even a street sign, and we can send you a mockup of what the finished product will look like.

Distefano’s Park & Site furniture is built with value and durability in mind. Our elegant designs, constructed from the most durable material, are able to withstand almost anything that the elements or a crowd of people can dish out. From the functional use of a simple trash receptacle to the precise incorporation of a design or logo into a community sign, our product line can add to the enjoyment of your visitors.

Plus, our equipment is made completely from steel, the most recycled material on the planet — an important factor when building a green facility. From city parks to office parks — a place to take a break from shopping or a place to take in a breathtaking view — our furniture line can meet your demands in style.

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